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Today we’ll be encouraging everyone to be Screen Smart.
Read on for more about our Screen Smart resources as well as news of some important new eye health posters and infographics in alternative languages.


Visit our electronic resource centre to download our Screen Smart social media assets.


Find out if your screen use could be putting you at increased risk of eye strain with our Screen Smart Quiz


We’ve been working with the team at COVID-19 Infographics to produce a series of posters designed to share important eye health advice to BAME audiences. There will be four posters / infographics in the series translated into 30 plus languages including Hindi, Polish and Arabic. Find out more here.

unnamed-4Use the hashtag #EyeWeek to show your support. If you tag us on your posts we’ll try and reshare them on our social channels.

Daily Themes for National Eye Health Week 2020 are:

Monday: Ten Best Eye Health Habits & Be Eye Aware
Tuesday: Ageing Eyes
WednesdayDigital Eyes / Screen Fatigue
ThursdayKids’ Eye Health
Fr-eye-day: My Vision Matters Because…
Saturday: Vision & Driving
SundayWearing & Caring For Your Eyewear