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Welcome to day two of National Eye Health Week 2020.
Here’s a taster of what’s happening today…

4ac79440-a2e4-44e4-82f9-ce624bba1267Take a look inside today’s Guardian newspaper for the 2020 Vision and Eye Health supplement.


Today’s theme is ageing eyes. Visit our electronic resource centre to download our Guide to Retiring with Good Vision and Sight After Sixty social media assets.


We’ll be sharing links to our online sight loss simulator to give people a glimpse of what it would be like to live with some common age-related eye conditions including macular degeneration and glaucoma (pictured here).


With UV levels predicted to rise to three or more across much of England, central Wales and the east coast of Scotland today we’ll mark the Autumn Equinox with a reminder about the importance of protecting your eyes from the sun’s damaging UV.


Thank you for all the amazing things you have been doing to spread the word on eye health. Here’s a pic of the undergraduate Medicine, Medical Sciences and Optometry students from the South West of England sharing eye care tips to over 250 people yesterday. All in a socially distanced fashion, of course!


Use the hashtag #EyeWeek to show your support. If you tag us on your posts we’ll try and reshare them on our social channels.

Daily Themes for National Eye Health Week 2020 are:

Monday: Ten Best Eye Health Habits & Be Eye Aware
Tuesday: Ageing Eyes
WednesdayDigital Eyes / Screen Fatigue
ThursdayKids’ Eye Health
Fr-eye-day: My Vision Matters Because…
Saturday: Vision & Driving
SundayWearing & Caring For Your Eyewear